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In addition to financial support in the way of membership fees, we need a commitment of some time and effort on the part of those willing to provide their knowledge of the sport ... past, present, and with a vision for its future in the USA. It’s been a low- visibility sport here for many years, and we can’t turn the tide by ourselves. But we can pull together to provide a solid foundation for ongoing recognition that will carry into the future. Today’s athletes need to know that if they achieve high honors during their careers, their achievements will be remembered. In addition to athletes, there have been many over the years whose contributions to this sport are significant and enduring. We’ve got a nomination process in place, and want to begin receiving the names and supporting information for folks who deserve to be inducted into the American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame. In order for nominations and selections to be truly representative of the ski jumping sport in America, and community, it must be geographically and demographically diverse.We need folks of all ages, and from all ski jumping regions of the United States. Please consider becoming a member of our organization, the Friends of American Ski Jumping. Please print out this form and return it with a check for your tax-deductible membership fee today (we are a 501.c.3 non-profit corporation). Thank you! We look forward to your participation.
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The American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame and Museum
We’d like to have you consider becoming a member of our organization. If you’ve got an interest in the sport of ski jumping, your input, knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm are needed to help preserve the history of this great sport in the United States. Much of what’s required to keep this effort going is donated or volunteered, but we do have some ongoing expenses. Our physical presence in Red Wing is in space provided by several businesses, and the city and county. Our online presence is created and maintained by volunteer effort, and the web hosting space is donated. We rely on membership fees to cover our modest financial needs, and we ask you to consider joining and supporting our mission.
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