The Selection Committee has approved the following individuals for induction into the American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame.  Links added as bio notes are completed ... if name is underlined, click to read bio (PDF format).   There’s a link to our NOMINATION FORM in lower part of this page;  can also be used to submit MISSING BIO INFO.   We’ve added “website” links to inductees who have their own web pages.We’ll also be adding “ext” links for extended bio info provided by inductee, family, or friends.  Find name and year ofinduction in alphabetical list on left side of page, then look for that name in the corresponding induction class on right side of page.  If you have questions about supplying missing bio info, write to webmaster “at”
The American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame - Inductees
Selection Committee:     *  Lyle Boucher, Chair     *  Ron Buckli     * Gary Crawford     * Jeff Hastings     * Sarah Hendrickson     * Karla Keck     * Roland “Bud” Klein     * Gary Sparpana     * Larry Stone     * Greg Windsperger 
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Class of 2008 Alan Alborn Harris F Andersen Landis Arnold Magnus Bakke Bill Bakke Scott Barry Arthur "Red" Barth Greg Boester John Bower Burton Boyum David Bradley Ed Brisson Casey Colby Jeff Davis Jim Denney Jimmy Denney Jon Denney Brendan Doran Jimmy Ellingson Pedar Falstad Ole Feiring Jim Grahek Harold Grinden Tom Harrington Jeff Hastings Chris Hastings Hjalmar Hvam Jim Holland Michael Holland Robert Holme Anders Johnson Clint Jones Terry Kern Mike Keuler Mark Konopacke Roger Langley Tad Langlois Harry Lien Jim Maki Jay Martin Jerry Martin Walter Malmquist Lawrence Maurin Dennis McGrane C Alison Merrill Rick Mewborn Chris McNeill Joe Nowak Sigurd Overby Charles Proctor Jay Rand Jon St Andre Ansten Samuelstuen Bryan Sanders Tommy Schwall Roy Sherwood John Steele Ron Steele Kurt Stein Greg Swor Kip Sundgaard Carl Tellefson Olaf Ulland Adrian Watt Randy Weber Robert "Butch" Wedin Keith Wegeman Brian Welch Greg Windsperger Reed Zuehlke
Class of 2009 Therese Altobelli-Olsen James Brennan Ron Buckli Willie Erickson John Evenson Dorothy Graves Ryan Heckman Olaf Jonnum Karla Keck Todd Lodwick Johnny Spillane Sig Ulland Olaf Westgaard Lindsey Van    website Keith Zuehlke
Class of 2012   Ingvar "Ole" Arneson Sr John Broman Marvin Crawford Tom Dargay Jeff Denney Jon Elliot Erling Heistad James "Jim" House Francis Kempe Glenn Kotlarek Wesley K. Neustel Zane Palmer Steve Reischl Kris Severson Crosby Perry-Smith Scott Smith Gary Sparpana Don West  obit
Class of 2013   Harold “Cork” Anson Rex Bell Charlie Benzie David “Jerry” Borgen  Randall W. Garretson Fred Harris Sarah Hendrickson Paulie Johnson John R. Lyons Michael O’Hara Lynch Alan Sargent James Elwood Ramfjord Charlie Supercynski Conrad Thompson Kenneth A. Tokle Dave Tomten William C. Trudgeon Jeff Wright
 Alphabetical List  of  Alborn, Alan  -08  Alexander, Nick  -10  Altobelli-Olsen, Therese  -09  Andersen, Harris F  -08  Anderson, Ken  -11  Anderson, Reidar  -07  Anson, Harold "Cork"  -13  Arneson, Ingvar "Ole"  -12  Arnold, Landis  -08  Bakke, Bill  -08  Bakke, Hermod  -07  Bakke, Magnus  -08  Balfanz, John  -07  Barber, Merrill "Mezzy"  -07  Barry, Scott  -08  Barth, Arthur "Red"  -08  Batson, LeMoine  -07  Bell, Rex  -13  Benzie, Charlie  -13  Bednarz, John  -14  Bietila, Paul  -07  Bietila, Ralph  -07  Bietila, Walter  -07  Bland, Phillips "PT, Doc"  -11  Boester, Greg  -08  Borgen, David “Jerry” -13  Bower, John  -08  Boyum, Burton  -08  Bradley, David  -08  Brennan, James  -09  Brisson, Ed  -08  Broman, John  -12  Buckli, Ron  -09  Colby, Casey  -08  Corradini, Deedee  -11  Crawford, Marvin  -12  Dargay, Tom  -12  Davis, Jeff  -08  Demong, Billy  -10  Denisson, Tim  -11  Denney, Jeff  -12  Denney, Jim  -08  Denney, Jimmy  -08  Denney, Jon  -08  Devecka, Mike  -11  Devlin, Art  -07  Dion, Bernie -16  Doran, Brendan  -08  DuRose, Stan  -10  Ek, Carl  -14  Ellingson, Jimmy  -08  Elliot, Jon  -12  Elvrum, John  -07  Engen, Alf  -07  Engen, Corey  -07  Engen, Sverre  -07  Englund, Nita  -16  Erickson, E O "Buck"  -10  Erickson, Willie  -09  Evenson, John  -09  Fairall, Nick  -15  Falstad, Pedar  -08’  Farrell, Ronda Thomas -15  Feiring, Ole  -08  Fredheim, Sverre  -07  Frenette, Peter  -10  Friberg, Christian  -15  Garretson, Randall W  -13  Graves, Dorothy  -09  Grahek, Jim  -08  Graves, Peter  -15  Grinden, Harold  -08  Hall, Henry  -07  Hamari, Reuben  -17  Hammel, Mark  -15  Harrington, Tom  -08  Harris, Fred  -13  Hastings, Chris  -08  Hastings, Jeff  -08  Haugen, Anders  -07  Haugen, Lars  -07  Heckert, Chuck  -17  Heckman, Ryan  -09  Hedloff, Clarence “Soapy” -14  Heistad, Erling  -12  Hendrickson, James  -07  Hendrickson, Sarah  -13  Hiatt, Eric  -11  Hicks, Dave  -10  Hill, Clarence "Coy"  -07  Holland, Jim  -08  Holland, Michael  -08  Holme, Robert  -08  Holmstrom, Carl  -07  House, James "Jim"  -12  Howelsen, Carl  -07  Hvam, Hjalmar  -08  Immens, Bobby  -17  Jacobs, Dr Paul  -14  Jacobson, Ron  -16  Jennings, Bruce  -16  Jerome, Jessica  -10  Jerome, Peter  -11  Johnson, Anders  -08  Johnson, Lenny  -16  Johnson, Paulie  -13  Jones, Clint  -08  Jonnum, Olaf  -09  Keck, Bob  -11  Keck, Karla  -09  Kempe, Francis  -12  Kern, Terry  -08  Keuler, Mike  -08  Klein, Roland “Bud”  -15  Konopacke, Mark  -08  Kotlarek, Gene  -07  Kotlarek, George  -07  Kotlarek, Glenn  -12  
Inductees & Class  Langley, Roger  -08  Langlois, Tad  -08  Lekang, Anton  -07  Lien, Harry  -08  Lodwick, Todd  -09  Lunde, Randy  -17  Lynch, Michael O'Hara  -13  Lyons, John R  -13  Mahre, William “Bill”  -15  Maki, Doug  -16  Maki, Jim  -08  Maki, Rudy  -07  Malmquist, Walter  -08  Malvik, Sig  -10  Mangseth, Ole  -07  Martin, Jay  -08  Martin, Jerry  -08  Mattoon, Dan  -14  Maurin, Lawrence  -08  McGrane, Dennis  -08  McNeill, Chris  -08  Merrill, C Alison  -08  Method, Vic  -11  Mewborn, Rick  -08  Mikkelsen, Roy  -07  Mikkelsen, Strand  -07  Monsen, Rolf  -07  Nappa, Len  -14  Nelson, Glen  -15  Nelson, Nels  -07  Neustel, Wesley K  -12  Norby, Dave  -11  Tim Norris  -17  Nowak, Joe  -08  Oimoen, Casper  -07  Olson, Willis "Billly"  -07  Omtvedt, Ragnar  -07  Orhn, Alfred  -10  Overby, Sigurd  -08  Palmer, Zane  -12  Pera, George  -15  Perrault, Paul "Joe"  -07  Perry-Smith, Crosby  -12  Proctor, Charles  -08  Raaum, Gustav  -07  Rahoi, Dick  -10  Ramfjord, James Elwood  -13  Rand, Jay  -08  Rasmussen, Ben A  -15  Rasmussen, Wilbert  -07  Reischl, Steve  -12  Rhoads, Will  -16  Riley, Barney  -11  Ruud, Birger  -07  Ruud, Sigmund  -07  Samuelstuen, Ansten  -08  Sanders, Bryan  -08  Sargent, Alan  -13  Satre, Magnus  -07  Satre, Otto  -07  Schwall, Tommy  -08  Severson, Kris  -12  Severud, Lloyd  -07  Sherwood, Roy  -08  Smith, Scott  -12  Sodergren, Tom  -15  Sorenson, Harald  -07  Sparpana, Gary  -12  Spillane, Johnny  -09  St Andre, Jon  -08  Steele, John  -08  Steele, Ron  -08  Stein, Kurt  -08  Stolzlechner, Nils  -16  Stone, Larry  -10  Sundgaard, Kip  -08  Supercynski, Charlie  -13  Swanson, Selmer  -11  Swor, Greg  -08  Sydow, Steve  -15  Tellefson, Carl  -08  Thompson, Conrad  -13  Tokle, Art  -07  Tokle, Kenneth A  -13  Tokle, Torger  -07  Tomten, Blair  -16  Tomten, Dave  -13  Torrisen, Birger  -07  Trudgeon, William C  -13  Ulland, Olaf  -08  Ulland, Sig  -09  Van, Lindsey  -09  Wakefield, Wally  -17  Watt, Adrian  -08  Weber, Randy  -08  Wedin, Robert "Butch"  -08  Wegeman, Keith  -08  Welch, Brian  -08  West, Don  -12  Westgaard, Olaf  -09  Wilson, Eugene  -07  Windsperger, Greg  -08  Wren, Gordon  -07  Wright, Jeff  -13  Zelenakas, Dana  -16  Zuehlke, Keith  -09  Zuehlke, Reed  -08
FIS Info on US Jumpers FIS Info on US Jumpers
If you wish to nominate someone for consideration by the Selection Committee, CLICK HERE     (interactive PDF form,        see note at left) Nominations must be submitted by MAY 1  of the current year. This form can also be used to submit bio info for any of the skiers listed here that don’t have a link to a bio ... this is the case for many who have met automatic induction criteria,i.e. US Olympians or US National Ski Jumping Champions
Scroll down for link to  ASJ HOF nomination form. You can PRINT the blank nomination form, fill it in by hand, and mail to Lyle Boucher (will post his snail mail address soon), or fill it in on-screen, then print and snail-mail to Lyle ... OR  fill it in on-screen, save as a PDF and e-mail to We’ll be updating the form soon; thanks for your patience!