Historical Information About Ski Jumping in America
** Here’s a website which catalogs ski jumps around the world, and it’s got a huge listing of American jumps, past and present ... www.skisprungschanzen.com. That’s German for “ski jumping hills.” It’s in both German and English. The link will bring up the homepage in English, but if you navigate to a page that’s in German, look for a little British flag logo in the upper part of the left (blue) column to switch to English. Click on Ski Jumps, choose United States, and you’ll find a lengthy list. Some material may be outdated, but you can contact the webmaster if you have more complete or current info. Prepare to spend some time ... Here’s an example of what you can find there ... a listing for a ski jump in Berkeley, California. There was a description of two events held there in the 1930s, with a link to a YouTube VIDEO compiled from black & white movies shot on site. There’s a sharp right turn at the end of the outrun, and one of the jumpers has to dodge a dog! As Master Card would say, “Priceless!” ** The International Skiing History Association publishes a terrific comprehensive quarterly magazine called Skiing Heritage. Their website is www.skiinghistory.org. Its subject matter covers all skiing disciplines, and of course it’s international in scope. They have published articles about American ski jumping and Nordic combined, and it’s well worth the time to become familiar with their website. Back issues of the magazine are online. ** See a historical insert from the Red Wing Republican-Eagle Feb 7, 2007. PDF, 24 pages This was printed at the time of the first American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame induction, and contains a lot of information on the early days of ski jumping in the USA. ** Learn about the Morgedal Valle in Norway, where ski jumping began ... Morgedal.com Find more links on our “Museums, etc.” page ... along with info in collections, books, etc.
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Red Wing MN, late 1880s. Second from left is Mikkel Hemmestvedt, who set the first US distance record of 37 feet at Red Wing in 1887.
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